A special company with modern production methods

About Schaffelaarbos BV

Schaffelaarbos is a leading producer and supplier of egg products for both human and animal food applications. We also supply eggshell products (Steggcal) for use in animal feed. Schaffelaarbos uses modern production methods that make it a very unusual company. Billions of eggs are processed every year in Barneveld into innovative, healthy products. Covering the entire production chain has let Schaffelaarbos build up a unique position on the world market.

The factory in Barneveld is one of the most modern of its kind for egg production and we are continually looking for innovative solutions that will benefit the welfare and well-being of both animals and humans.

History Schaffelaarbos

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Egg production for food

In this modern factory, we produce whole egg powder and special egg powders for the food industry. The powders are top quality, safe and have a long shelf life.

Egg production for feed

In our modern factory, we produce whole egg powder and egg powder-related products for various applications in animal feed. They are ideal for young animals, pet food and aqua-feed.

Steggcal/eggshell products

The eggshell is an important source of calcium, making Steggcal a useful additive to animal feed. Steggcal is suitable for both livestock and pets.

Guaranteed quality

Schaffelaarbos egg products are all certified. BRC Food Certified, COKZ, KAT and ISO 22.000 are certifications for foodstuffs. GMP+ and ISO 22.000 are the quality assurance methods for animal feed applications.